Dave-Batten-and-winter-carpWelcome, I’m David Batten and I am a freelance angling illustrator, web designer and graphic designer. I’m also a keen angler.

I guess I could tell you a long and protracted story of where I and Hooklinks came from and a whole lot about who I am and why you should have an interest in what I do. Well I’ll save you the misery of having to read through that and save the detail for a chat over a frothy coffee sometime soon.

You can find a little more about me personally in the About Me panel on the right.

Location: I’m based in Mid Norfolk and have been a resident here for 30+ years. Whilst I love working on ‘local’ projects, many of the businesses I support are spread across the UK, and further. With the telephone, email etc its possible to support a project anywhere. The use of web based content management systems mean a lot of work can be done anywhere, anytime.

If you are local its great to get together, if you are elsewhere in the UK don’t let it be a barrier, if we need to get together, that’s not a problem we couldn’t resolve.

What I and ‘Hooklinks’ do: Hooklinks is an alias for my work/website and through this I supply a set of services, digital illustration, graphic design and web design. Allied to which are several supplementary services that are part of and inclusive in these, but which are available as individual services some of you may find useful. You will find all of what I have to offer across the various pages and portfolio’s, which I hope you will take the time to browse, then if you see that there is something I can offer you or your business, get in touch and we can discuss this and maybe we can work together to deliver your goals.

I look forward to perhaps working with one or two of you in the near future.

David Batten


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