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AGA Group - Aquatic Consutants, Fishwey Management

AGA Group - web design and graphic design

The A.G.A. Group is the parent organisation under which a number of specialist divisions operate, Aquatic Consultancy, Bioengineering, Fishery Management, Lake and Pond Construction, these divisions allow for in-depth understanding of specific elements of the aquatic environment and provide expert knowledge in specific fields.

The AGA Group website

AGA Group - web design, graphic design

Ash Girdler the owner employed Hooklinks to design a new website to replace  their existing website and add greater functionality, ease of use and more importantly raise its position on all key search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, thereby improving the visibility of the work AGA undertake, enhancing sales and allowing the business to maintain its position and to grow over the coming years. The site currently has 592 pages which are all accessible and listed in the major search engines.

The website development was built using a content management system, allows regular updates and addition of news, and new product pages to maintain the high rankings the website now has across the major search engines.

In addition to the website all publicity material, brochures, leaflet and display stands are all managed by Hooklinks.

The new site was very carefully managed in terms of SEO (search optimisation) over the last couple of years and now ranks #1 for its top search keywords ‘bio-engineering services‘, ‘coir rolls‘,  ‘fishery management‘ ranks #2 ‘aquatic consultancy‘ ‘ultrasonic algae control‘ ‘pond and lake construction‘  a new service in a competitive market ‘natural swimming ponds‘ now ranks on page one , it also ranks on page one of many other business related key word searches on all popular search engines, Google, Yahoo etc. Occasionally only beaten by “paid for” listings, which quantifies the value of good SEO!

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