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Allen Carriage -Luxury private hire

Allen Carriage Company websiteAllen Carriage an Essex based luxury private hire and courier business, commissioned Hooklinks to provide a web presence for them to help promote their business in the the Thurrock area of Essex. Seeing this as a more cost effective option than local newspaper advertising. In addition they commissioned business cards and promotional leaflets to further promote the services they provide through business contacts and functions.

With a very competitive market in the private hire business in their immediate area, the brand name has established itself quickly and by selling the ‘luxury’ qualities has achieved a page 1 ranking for ‘luxury private hire in grays essex’ their prime operating market. The promotional material sells a Google search using key words ‘allen carriage’ which has been providing a steady flow of work.

Services include logo design, graphic design and web design/development

The site integrates a dedicated booking form to help potential customers get a quick quotation on cost and availability.