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Angling Trust Eastern Region Fishery Forum

Angling Trust Eastern Region Fishery Forum website

This was a rather complex development as it required two distinct systems to manage the mix of organisations who would be working to manage the content. The site needed a ‘secure’ system for live, online discussion and review of sensitive policy documents, with added secure download facilities, along side a second level of independent content management. It needed to be clean and to a degree ‘authorative’ in its design as it has a clearly defined purpose to inform and consult on Angling and Fisheries matters, the Forum management team feel this has been achieved.

The high level of  secure management was achieved by building in a strict access control system and a second directory system that allows the discussion/management group to have online discussions and to pass documents between each other securely. It also allows each individual section to be managed by each individual editor, with the security in knowing only the approved editor can add or edit content on their section. Here they have a News, Static pages and Download Directory where they can upload and input new content and return to edit and update their content as any detail changes.

The site system has been developed to be managed, upgraded and extended very easily to include a wide variety of features, directories for events, clubs, fisheries all with an integrated Google map with Streetview, galleries for recording events, all as yet no fully needed and more if ever the need arise. The premise being that it is likely that as the group move forward they will find a need for these and more.

The site has now been handed over to the Forum team and is currently being loaded with data and users trained to use the content management system that is used to run this site.

Take a look at the AT Regional Forum website here: