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Feeder fishing rig for tench

The UK’s top coarse angling magazine, catering for the widest spectrum of coarse angling methods and techniques, chose Hooklinks* illustrations back in 1998 to enhance the content of their publication. I still continue to illustrate for Improve today.

Fresh design in August 2005 has enhanced the magazine supported by a Hooklinks image redesign. This covers not just clear descriptive ‘how to’ layouts, but also detailed sequential diagrams to get a clear instruction across to both the novice and experienced angler alike, in a positive and respectful way.

The widest range of topics and disciplines covered in just the one magazine-a coarse fishing magazine where image content is also driven by reader request!

Detailed and accurate maps* of the route to any venue listed in Where to Fish, along with detailed venue maps offering as much information that can be discovered from each regional researcher.

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