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Boat fishing rig for smooth hounds

The UK’s top sea angling magazine, SEA ANGLER catering for the widest spectrum of sea angling methods and techniques, chose to use my illustration work back in 2009 to enhance the content of their publication, that has continued and has evolved to provide more and better detail for rigs and methods in current editions.

Commissioned monthly, these illustrations, often used in a full page spreads, providing detailed ‘How To Fish‘ and ‘Rig Diagrams‘, often combined in to one spread, help make communicating the right way to create the rigs needed for specific species in a variety of environments and locations.

Recent relaunch of Boat Angler section in 2011 has provided the opportunity to illustrate boat fishing rigs and methods in greater detail than has been used or possible in the past. Now the angler see’s the rig in a more realistic environment.

Find out more by browsing a copy at the newsagent, next time you get a chance. If you are a sea angler and don’t already read it consider taking out a subscription, see details below.

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