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Bolt rig for carp fishing

The original Hooklinks illustrations were Black and White line art providing the likes of top publishers Anness, Boxtree, Crowood and authors of the calibre of John Wilson, Bob Nudd with the power to get across the detail of how they fish.

Revealing in fact some of the intimate detail that had contributed to putting them at the top of their profession. They continue to stay there too!

John Wilson took his talent on to the TV screen with his Anglia Television series ‘Go Fishing’ which also provided a series of books detailing the techniques and methods he was using in his series.

As will be seen in the video pages he also interpreted the value of using these illustrations in his Kazan River Production angling videos.

Many of these very popular books have to be reprinted from time to time to keep abreast of demand and may be available from one or more of the major book stores.

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