Cookie Law

If you were not aware, on the 26th May 2012 all EU/UK websites serving visitors in the regions were obliged in law to stop cookies loading when you visit the website and to ask for your permission to load them, providing clear and concise instructions on how to do this. Early visitors to the Hooklinks website will have experienced this in its full glory, which may have caused concern to some.

You can find out more about the Hooklinks Privacy Policy  and the cookies used here.

Change in definition

Recent changes in the definition of the ICO policy on the use of ‘cookies’ has created a situation where, providing the websites advise you that they are using cookies, a website can load those cookies it needs for the running of the site and seek your approval on arrival to do so. The previous position was that we had to have all cookies turned off on your arrival and you had to consent to their use before using the site with them working. This created a dilemma as some parts of the site require internal session cookies to deliver certain functions in the operation of the site, making delivery of content difficult  if the visitor did not consent to those cookies being loaded..

However with the change in policy we are now able to load the cookies we use and offer you the option now to change this to suit your needs when you first arrive on the site. This now loads a notice and a control panel where you can choose to accept the cookies, reject them singly or in total.  If you turn them off, this will remain so throughout the duration of your visit.

If you consent the cookies will be retained and will run during this first and any subsequent visits you may to the Hooklinks website.

If you do not take any steps to agree or to turn off cookies the system will now assume that you have consented to the use of our cookies. This is called implied consent and will be fulfilled when you choose a new page .

I very much hope that with the knowledge that your personal information is secure when browsing the Hooklinks website, you will feel comfortable consenting to using Hooklinks with cookies enabled.


You can find additional information about handling cookies in our Privacy Policy page.