Sea Angler DPS illustration in 2011The illustration work I provide is now fully digital and creates a much more usable product for all forms of use.

Whether you need illustrations for books, magazines, catalogues or the internet, all of these images are supplied in ready to use form in any medium, produced in hi res form for publishing, they readily convert to suit any medium without any major adjustment or preparation.

Hopefully through the image(s) here and those that will be on view across the various pages of the web site you can get a feel for my style. The goal has always been to push the rig artwork closer to a more ‘real‘ feel than the original illustrated look usually found in many books, magazines or websites so that you are more likely to see how the whole rig might look when in use.  If you might like to consider using such material to enhance your publications, websites or similar media at some point in the future contact me for more detail on cost and availability.

Further you might like to consider using these through the extended services I now offer of Graphic Design and Web Design!


Reason to use my artwork

  • The most realistic feel available in angling illustrations today (probably)!
  • The readiness for print on receipt, no scanning or correction work with the cost savings associated!
  • Simple conversion for use in any associated web site.
If you have need for colour illustrations or any specialised colour images, then I can probably help, whether for print or web. Whilst I no longer do the original black and white line illustration, the time costs have proved too expensive when compared to the colour work, I do have contact with an illustrator who can provide black and white illustration if needed.

Contact me if you have a project that requires illustration and we can discuss your needs and if appropriate provide some low res comping images to get you started.

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