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enterprise-website-homepageFollowing a lot of work on updating the product range packaging, back at the end of October details emerged of plans for an update to the current Enterprise Tackle website, a traditional html based website that had served them well for several years. The team at Enterprise sought guidance on a way forward and to make their web presence much more effective and up to the job of supporting their business and their very large customer base across the UK and the world.

The goal was for the site to be one that could be managed by the team themselves, with additional support as and when required, and be much more dynamic in the way it presented their content to the visitors.

The subject of eCommerce was also discussed so extend the opportunity for anglers to be able to purchase products that they might be unable to get access to from their local tackle shops. They had the opportunity to send in orders with cheques for payment, but the time to delivery was very inefficient and a better solution was to be considered.

Given these options and a preference for a particular system, a website developed by myself and Hooklinks was commissioned.

Work started in November to develop the site and over the winter months the site and its content were loaded and features developed, galleries, competitions and a miriad of minor functional features were added and tested, finally becoming the site the Enterprise team were happy with and finally launched in early May 2012.

Retaining #1 Search ranking

The launch had a significant demand that had to be met, having been established as a brand leader with a #1 ranking for a very large keyword search listing across all the leading search engines, maintaining this would be critical. The task was not an easy one as the whole url beyond the had changed completely and it was vital that old listings pointed to the new pages. A redirection plan was created and implemented with all existing search listings redirecting fully to the new url’s, within 24 hours the search results were showing updated links and cached details. A  successful outcome and very rewarding for me and for the Team as they can now continue to develop the site in comfort of knowing they have retained that #1 ranking!

Examples of the redirections:

The following screenshots show the look and feel for the site a variety of the features visitors can access to help make their visit enjoyable.

Enterprise website homepageEnterprise website consultants blogsEnterprise website products menuenterprise-website-video libraryEnterprise website products - shopping cartEnterprise website articles on how to use the productsEnterprise website online editor for image processing