As part of the work undertaken in the past 14 years has been the development of fishery promotional package that can be developed into information pages for use in a web site or a brochure related to commercial fisheries.

These are clear and concise in showing the potential visitor how to locate and access the fishery or business, suited ideally to commercial fisheries or service providers such as tackle shops or accommodation, eg: hotels and B&B.

These can be set up as a web page with the added support of a downloadable, live linking PDF for desktop browsing and printing. Imagine the reductions in cost of providing a ‘print on demand’ brochure over the cost of printing thousands of leaflets or brochures and then having to change email addresses or similar information. It do’es not bear thinking about!

Further you might alternatively like to consider using these through the extended services I now offer of Graphic Design and Web Design!

Reason to use Hooklinks

  • Original full detailed colour map created by Hooklinks to suit the customer needs!
  • The readiness for print on demand with live linking PDF for web and email use.
  • Short period from commission to delivery (dependant on content)!
  • Ready for conversion for use in any associated web site.
  • High quality versions for use in 4 colour printed leaflets, brochure or ads.

If you have need for detailed WTF or directional maps, typically for a fishery or any specialised colour images, then Hooklinks will be probably able to help. Whether for print or web.

Google Maps integration in websites

These days there is a greater trend to provide accurate, informative mapping to websites for clubs, fisheries and other business users. Hooklinks have made the move to provide such facilities within the packages it offers to include some really informative material within the Google Maps it loads into customer sites.

Live demonstrations are available to view.

If you are a club, fishery or other business that needs to have maps that include useful information showing location and directions to your venue, including Google StreetView, information about boundaries or access etc, then it might be worth considering talking to me.