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Pike Online - CMS based pike fishing information site

Pike Online – CMS based pike fishing information site

PikeOnline is personal project that I originally set up back in 2001. It was the second web design project I undertook to develop the skills I use today in web design and development. Back then and up until 2011 it was a standard html based site, one that had been neglected and not updated for quite a long time. Despite this it had been continually busy and was a clear indicator that there was a need for it and a community that used it.

Joomla CMSIt had throughout its life resided in a sub folder and was listed simply as and had few real search listings due to its layout, it was ‘frame’ based and difficult for search engines to list effectively. So given the sites popularity I took the decision in 2010 to start the process of rebuilding it using Joomla, a CMS that I frequently now use for customers needing the self managing capabilities and for those where there will be a fair amount of regular updates and edits for me to carry out for my customers.

I decide back in 2010 that the site should have its own identity via its own domain name. It has always been known as ‘pikeonline’ so the domain ‘’ was secured. This domain is also a key to its future as it has two key words that help it immediately with any searches for ‘pike’ related websites. Matching the sections, page names/titles/keywords and content to typical search queries has seen the site climb to a #1 ranking for many of the key searches pike anglers are making on most of the key search engines.

Pikeonline is a dedicated pike fishing information platform, providing access to information about fish care and welfare, how to create rigs and tackle, how to fish for pike and where to fish for them. It utilises some powerful components to build sections of the site and to make delivery of the content as simple as possible. The key feature that makes the site stand out from probably all of its competition is the quality and strength of the illustrations that show how to set up and fish many of the popular pike fishing rigs and other such parts of a pike anglers methods.

Components included delivering video from a variety of sources, directories for where to fish, boat hire and slipways and events, and offers information for anglers across the UK in one accessible place.

A key standout feature is being developed and that is to allow visitors looking at the rigs to be able to purchase from the page via a pop up shopping cart, any items of tackle that are recommended with relaitve ease. Partnering with a suitable tackle supplier is planned, but currently the system utilises an Amazon store to explore the potential.

Visit the PikeOnline website and take a look around the features at:

By developing the site and utilising a good SEO policy in the development phase the Pike Online website has already achieved a good number of #1 page one listings and is slowly climbing towards this on many other key word/phrase search queries. The following show some of the search engine listings on Google, Yahoo/Bing etc. ‘pike rigs‘ ‘pike fishing knots‘ ‘about baits‘ many of the most popular rigs and other pages are now appearing on page 1, 2 and 3, after only 2 months online. This will probably be improved further when the old pages are redirected across to the equivalent pages in the new site.