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Thurne Fisheries websiteThe Thurnefisheries website is one of the subjects I contribute to and set up a back in 2007 to promote the efforts of the Horsey Estate, Natural England and the Broads Authority to manage the annual overwintering wildfowl reserves in the Upper Thurne area of the Broads. This is a vital area for many thousands of wild fowl to stop over on the migration during the Winter and anglers have signed up to work with the partnership in reducing disturbance each season.

A side benefit of the partnership is also a Winter pike fishing access trial that has been running since 2007 and continues currently for the coming Winter of 2011/12.

The site allows prospective users of the area to access information about the management policies that apply to the Upper Thurne and acces the application form for booking a day pike fishing on Horsey Mere. As a pike angler and a former member of the Horsey access committee it is my pleasure to sponsor the site and help work for both angling access and good management practices to sustain the area as a vital wildlife haven.

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The site is a WordPress system integrating various features, one of great assistance is the Google map which helps define the access area for pike fishing.

Find out more about Thurnefisheries by visiting the website at: