enterprise-website-homepageWhether you are a start up business in need of your first website or an established business looking to update or extend your web presence I probably have something to offer you.

Whether this a change of look, major update, added functionality, move into eCommerce, or simply to improve your sites search engine rankings (SEO), I am sure I can offer support at real world prices! Of particular interest to many customers today is making their websites available on all devices, desktop, tablet and mobile phones and this is something that is available via the responsive design service I can provide.


AGA on multiple devicesResponsive design is a process of making a website respond to a device it is being viewed on. In these days of modern mobile phones and tablets like the iPad it is important that the content that would normally be created for the desktop computer and browser, is flexible enough to allow the same information and functionality to be available to visitors that come to your website via mobile phone or tablet. More critical if you have a online shop and shopping cart.

I design and develop simple or complex interactive designs which download quickly and function well, making the visitor experience all the more enjoyable. These can be simple open layouts or more often today, dynamic database driven content management (CMS) sites dependent on the needs of the site owner. This site represents a simple design, based on WordPress, that hopefully works efficiently for you the visitor.

AT Regional Fishery Forum website

CMS sites offer the opportunity to manage content and features online using a web browser, typically I use, WordPress, Joomla and WebYep and a variety of other products to offer a solution for each users needs, as not everyone has the same requirements, all being personal and individual.

These all provide a secure and easily managed web site that can be updated by access from anywhere, home and away, making edits and adding new content to a website very easy.

Take a look at the Web Design Portfolio to see what we have been doing to help our customers.