Hooklinks design and develop simple or complex interactive designs which download quickly and function well, making the visitor experience all the more enjoyable. These can be simple open layouts or more often today dynamic database driven content management (CMS) sites dependent on the needs of the site owner. This site represents a simple design, based on WordPress, that hopefully works efficiently for you the visitor.

CMS sites offer the opportunity to manage content and features online using a web browser, typically Hooklinks use, WordPress, Joomla and WebYep to offer a solution for each users needs

These all provide a secure and easily managed web site that can be updated by access from anywhere, home and away. Makes edits and adding new content to a website very easy.

Take a look at the Web Design Portfolio to see what we have been doing to help our customers.

WebYep Content Management System.

This is an easy to use for the customers who have an existing html based website that may need regular information updating, which they may prefer to do themselves.This compact CMS package requires no database to store the data and is suited to the ‘personal’ web hosting accounts that many use for hobby or small exploratory home business start ups. It benefits is it can be included in any web site design without need for major surgery, be it a single page or a number. It can also be the base for a full website as can be seen by looking at the Innovate Baits website, as this was built to allow updates and edits by the business partners without too much web skills. If you can use Word, you can use WebYep.

Hooklinks would be pleased to advise on implementing this on any project website.

Hooklinks use and recommend the following theme sources, if you are looking for a quality theme check them out: