Ecommerce sites provided by Hooklinks

Samples of Ecommerce sites provided by Hooklinks

In recent years there has been an increase in the numbers of people who have identified that selling on the internet offers them the chance to sell to a wider customer base than if the set up a shop in the high street. Equally the start up and first year costs are much more manageable. This applies to large and small businesses, selling a wide range of products to the part time artist/hobbyist who has a limited product range to sell.

Many start ups turn to the likes of Ebay to dip their toe into the ecommerce waters and whilst this is a very successful method for some, it is equally frustrating and unsuitable for others. The options to have control over cost, selling prices and paying commissions only come under your direct influence when you actually run the ecommerce set up yourself.

I have provided a range of packages to some of their customers and am able to provide a solution for those who have a personal interest in selling online as easily as they do for larger businesses. In providing the solution I also help in providing help and guidance in setting up payment services, Paypal being the simplest. Likewise terms and conditions, shipping and returns policies all need to be set up to comply with trading standards and give customers confidence to buy from your online store and I help provided these to suit each business.

If you are a sole trader or a registered manufacturing/sales business in need of advice or guidance on setting up an online shop, then consider talking to me about your needs.

The examples in the image show a simple Paypal ‘Buy Button’ integrated into an existing website for Verulam Angling, this evolved into a full commercial ecommerce shopping cart installation under the brand of Carp Craze for Margin Tackle (wholesale), subsequently replaced with a new design package. The Innovate Baits website integrates a full commercial ecommerce shopping cart system into their website which is a CMS package built into a regular html website. Both were designed to allow the easiest of updating and content management by a team who needed to manage costs of running the site by doing 99% themselves, calling ¬†on me to make more complex changes or updates. Running both CMS and Shopping carts needs to be as simple as possible and I specialise in finding and delivering suitable solutions for these.

If you need such a service at real world prices, get in touch today.



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